Lorraine's Cakes co-founders Tyler and Lorraine, smiling behind a counter filled with their cake products.

The wait is over: online orders are live!

For over a year we have been working behind the scenes to make Lorraine’s Cakes available, for the first time, in all 48 contiguous states via online order! To make this possible, we increased our production capacity to meet the needs of the many people who wanted our amazing Vegan and Gluten Free products.

Starting out, we have our most classic offering of Chocolate Cakes and Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting. We are excited to launch more flavors soon.

Shipping for online orders is free! To get our products to your door at the most affordable price, we have a variety of bundles to choose from where you can mix-and-match flavors!

Whether it be a birthday or a wedding, we at Lorraine’s are more excited than ever to bring back simple pleasures, like cake, into the lives of those that never wanted to give them up!

Order your first Lorraine’s Cakes box today at our new online store!

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