Our Story

Bringing simple pleasures back to the lives of people who never wanted to give them up... 

Hello, my name is Tyler. At age 17, going vegan finally exposed a life-long health problem with wheat. That problem turned out to be celiac disease, and later I found I had Crohn's disease as well. 

That year after my diagnosis, I didn’t have a cake for my 18th birthday. Expensive and hard to find, specialty cakes were hardly ever both vegan and gluten-free. If we did find one, they often tasted like sawdust.

Grandma Lorraine wasn’t going to settle for this. 

The following year, my amazing grandmother surprised me with a birthday cake that blew me out of the water like no cake had before—gluten-free or not!

We quickly realized that our cake tasted great, while those on the market did not. That day, I named the company Lorraine’s Cakes, after my grandmother, and started chasing the opportunity to change it all for myself and others. 

I’m proud that Lorraine’s Cakes will be responsible for making simple pleasures, like cake, a reality again in the lives of those who never wanted to give them up. 

I live the experience of our customers; I know what’s missing from gluten-free, vegan products and we shouldn’t have to settle. 

Our dream is to bring everyone to the table: those with food-born diseases, illness, and sensitivities, and those without

Please join us in our movement!

With your help, we’ll reach more food-loving people like you, allowing us to grow and bring even more of these inclusive food choices to market. 

Tyler and Lorraine, handwritten names

Tyler & Lorraine, co-founders

Guilt-free, Pain-free,
Lorraine's Cakes